Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dreams & Realities

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When was the first time you dreamed a dream for your life?

When was the first time you dreamed a dream for your life that has become a reality?

I thought about this for myself, and I remember sitting in the chorus in the 11th grade and thinking, "I could write music." The first song I wrote (that was actually singable) was when I was a 37 year old Youth Pastor. Now I have published over 60 songs, have been involved in the recording of six music projects, and own a music company.

What about you? What are you creating or doing that started as an I can do this statement? Or rather, what are you dreaming about that has yet become a reality for you?

Today my wife and I were having lunch with a younger colleague, and my wife posed this question to her: "What does your future hold for you?" (I love my wife's challenging spirit, encouraging the next generation to dream big, and to pursue their futures.) Our friend listed her dreams, and we encouraged her to pursue them - even to the point of challenging her to apply for her passport this week, to follow her dream of traveling.

Questions: What are you dreaming now that you want to see as a future reality? What are you doing about it? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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