Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Can't Miss This!

I saw a headline on today that said, "Top Five Shows You Can't Miss", referring to this Fall's television lineup. Isn't it interesting that the words you can't miss carry such powerful meaning?

What will happen to me if I miss those shows? What if I catch only four? Will it be worse if I only watch two, or just one? Are the penalties compounded if I miss two weeks in a row? What if I have a good excuse for missing (funeral, being out of the country)?

I think you get the absurdity of my comments. But go back to those words: you can't miss. Think about them in other contexts.

If you are going to an important meeting on the west coast and your boss says, "You can't miss your flight or we lose the deal", then you better not miss your flight. If your daughter is getting married, and being stuck in traffic you call her on your cell phone and she says, "You can't miss my wedding," you had better find a way to get there.

If you are a soldier staring down the sight of your gun at your enemy, who is staring down the sight of his gun at you, you can't miss!

All of a sudden, I don't feel so pressed to watch the "Top Five Shows You Can't Miss." In fact, those TV shows seem pretty insignificant compared to my life and the things I am called to do, the relationships that I am called to invest in.

So the next time you are told you can't miss something, maybe it's worth missing for something greater.

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