Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Best Time Of Day

I woke early this morning with an idea for a song I am recording, and after spending some time reading, I found myself in my studio recording a newly created guitar part. I didn't go to sleep last night planning on recording this morning. Rather, I woke up with a passion and creative energy that I seem to stumble upon in the mornings more often than I find within me at other times of the day.

What about you? When are you the most creative? What part of the day finds you dreaming, writing, singing and creating?

I suggest that if you don't know your optimum creative time, that you track your days and determine when you are at your productive and innovative best. This will help you schedule your imagination sessions and produce the best results.

What is my purpose in suggesting this? I believe that all of us, created in the image of the Creator, have been charged with contributing to this world, and especially to the lives of others. Our contributions, full of ideas, innovation and transformation demonstrate that we do carry the mark of the One who created us, and that we are part of the creative process of investing into the lives of others for their good and benefit.

Now to me that's good any time of the day!


Bungz said...

I'm not sure if i am creative best at one particular time of the day, but i have noticed i go through seasons.

Usually, my creativity best comes out through a combination of contemplation on my own, reading, and sounding out my thoughts with others...

That aside, it was really wonderful to meet you again even if it was only for a brief while. I do hope i get to visit there again in the future. :-)

Brad Lewis said...

It was great to see you too Bungi! Keep contemplating, creating, and communicating.

Joshua MIller said...

usually hits me when I'm alone, and at dark places...and always through music...like driving at night listening to music...early in the morning while its still dark listening to music, and things like that. I'm not sure why, but i noticed that a couple years ago. I can execute during the day well, but the creative side, the writing and passion is always done, while I'm alone in the dark

Brad Lewis said...

Interesting Josh. I've known that music ignites your creative fire, but I never considered your solitude as a catalyst also.

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