Tuesday, June 16, 2009

iPhone 3.0

The highly anticipated software update for the iPhone is to be launched today. If you are not an iPhone user, than this means nothing to you. Of course you can go purchase one and join the millions of iPhone owners, the third generation hardware arriving on June 19th.

My son waited in line for several hours when the first iPhones hit the stores a couple of years ago (he was 22nd in line). He and my wife bought me one for Christmas the next year, and I have to admit that I am looking forward to the cool new features that the 3.0 software update will offer.

Has my life improved with my iPhone? I would say that I am more productive, information is more easily accessible and I really like the "Old Phone" ringtone. I don't have a bunch of game apps installed, but I do text regularly to keep up with my kids. But could I do that with a lower-tech device?

Allow me to move wider in my thoughts on technology and go beyond the iPhone.

Here's a question: Do we need the neatest and the newest to accomplish what we need to get done. I am not simply talking about our jobs here. What about our "purpose", that which we have been created for and called to do? I know that many who may read this post are probably too inward-focused to consider a "life purpose" (outside of getting the neatest and newest technology for themselves).

I am not against new technology. (I have been checking all day to see if the update has been released yet. I have it now!) But to be true to myself, I need to make sure that I am using technology to satisfy my purpose, rather than using it to satisfy me.

That's my purpose 3.0.

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