Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Remember Art Class

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For some reason, I was remembering my seventh grade art class the other day. I don't remember much about my seventh grade experience, but for some reason, I remember what I learned in art class.

I distinctly remember the teacher (I think it was a she) teaching us different art styles (impressionism, modern, cubism, expressionism, realism, surrealism, etc.) in a way that obviously had an effect on me (hey, I was able to list those styles).

After she had taught the different styles over a period of weeks, she asked us to draw pictures of the same object, representing those styles. Same subject, different styles. She told us to choose something we liked. I, being a typical 13 year old boy living during the Vietnam war, chose a jet fighter, much like the ones I saw on the news every evening.

Here's where the impact was made on my life: she asked us to draw pictures of a subject we liked, as opposed to an assigned subject. Sure my F-4 Phantom jet looked unusual in an impressionism style, but I remember to this day what impressionism art is!

What's my point? I was greatly influenced by a person who allowed me to be a part of the learning process, simply by allowing me to choosing a subject for my drawings. Our influence can be greatly expanded by involving those whom we influence to be part of the learning process. I would call it ownership.

Question: Who are you letting be an owner? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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