Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Searching For Creative Treasure, Part II

Last week I had a conversation with a colleague at the local Starbucks. I came away from our one-hour meeting with a renewed passion for creativity and even a few ideas for a project I was working on. Why? Because we engaged in conversation that drew creativity out of us.

We didn't spend all of our time talking about people or events. Rather, we exchanged ideas which in turn stimulated more ideas and our discussion was ripe with imaginative fruit, ready to be harvested.

I have always encouraged my musician children (two of which are now adults, one is about to be) to surround themselves with singers and musicians who are better then they are. Never be the best person in your band is a mantra I remind them often. Better, more creative players and singers challenge you and stretch you, bringing out from within you things that you didn't know were there.

So where am I going with this? I encourage you to engage in conversations with those who will stimulate your heart and mind to think, create and dream. Watch and ask questions of people who are better than you in your field of art and profession, especially those who demonstrate leadership qualities.

The treasure chest of ideas, thoughts and dreams is ready to be opened every time you dialogue with creative people. Lift the lid, look inside, and grab a handful of innovative treasure!

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