Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Release The Artist Within You

I read this interesting information today:

In June 2008, the public radio show Studio 360 teamed up with the Opinion Research Corporation to conduct a survey that asked: If you could trade your job to become an artist with no reduction in pay, would you do it? Surprisingly, 51% said that they would. (Studio 360 6.20.08)

Hmmmm... with the accessibility of the internet to publish our thoughts, and the availability of home recording software to capture our musical creations (I have a Blog and a recording studio), it seems that more and more the "creator/artist" is emerging from the depths of our task-oriented, driven lifestyles.

I like this kind of news. My heartbeat is to encourage everyone I influence to be creative, to tap into the "artist" inside, and to use their God-given creativity to Glorify the Creator and inspire others. Remember: we are made in the image of our Creator, the greatest "artist/creator".

So write, paint, draw, play music, build with your hands, or simply rearrange the furniture, but release the artist within you!

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