Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What if...?

Have you ever had a "What if...?" moment? Maybe you were working on a problem, or driving in your car, or were awakened in the middle of the night and thought "What if I did this?". I believe that vision begins with "What if...?" moments.

My wife and I were invited to the home of an Indian family we know last evening. After a wonderful Indian meal (I was able to identify most of the dishes by their Indian names), the conversation turned to our host's story.

He shared about his life and background in India, how his desired career path was thwarted, how he was invited to America and sponsored by the president of Pepsi-Cola, and how he ended up here in the DC area. With gratitude in his eyes he expressed how grateful he was for his family, his life, and the events of it. He knew that the Lord had shown favor on him.

He shared that he'd recently thought about the poor and needy back in his home city of Lucknow, and what he could do to provide for them. It was a "What if...?" moment for him, and he turned that moment of contemplation into the beginnings of a vision.

As our conversation progressed, he and his wife, along with my wife and myself began to share ideas and suggestions that complemented his vision and "gave legs" to it. My friend's smile widened and his countenance brightened as I summarized the many ideas offered and we formed them into a plan.

What we shared that evening was a "What if...?" moment that grew into a vision, and then into a strategy. It was an encouraging evening. It was an evening of purpose and fruitfulness. It was an evening that mattered.

What about you? Have you had any "What if...?" moments lately? Are you sitting on some "Hmmmmms." that are ready to become visions?

Let me hear from you! Comment on this post (click on 'comments' below) and share one of your "What if...?" moments. Keep the conversation going!


Bungz said...

I had a what if moment about a week ago when i was a project of mine was just not moving forward.

And then i've had what if moments i am glad i dismissed as they would've taken me on a path that i wouldn't have enjoyed.

Hope all is well there... :)

Brad Lewis said...

Yes, choosing which "What if...?" moments to pursue is wise. Just don't dismiss them all. Good stuff comes from them!

Things are great here. Planning my next trip to India (Uttar Pradesh) in October.

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