Friday, May 18, 2007

The Heart of a Creator

Do you have the heart of a creator? When you see something that is "bigger than you", do you stand in wonder and awe? When you encounter a problem or setback, do you begin to consider solutions? When you get a profound thought do you "insert it in a story", put it to music, or perhaps visualize it in color?

I believe that everyone of us is given the heart of a creator. Some express it easily. Others need a bit of encouragement. So, let me encourage you.

Look deep inside your heart and see if there is an eagle waiting to soar, or maybe a gazelle itching to run. Sometimes we are so busy living "life" that we neglect being who we were created and designed to be. Understandably, we have responsibilities that demand our time and attention. And we would be negligent if we laid those aside to be "creative". (Even the Word of God has something to say about that.)

But our creativity can be used to adjust our schedules so we have time to pursue those deep things within our heart. Can you carve out 30 minutes a day to "run"? Are you able to stop doing something else so you have some time to "soar"?

Can you "create" while you do other tasks which don't use creative side of your brain? (There are seasons when we can only do the essentials - which take up all of our time. But those seasons emerge into new seasons with "time".)

Look into your heart, the heart of a creator!

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