Sunday, March 25, 2007

Give Something Away

Here's a thought: take something that you own, one of your possessions, and give it to someone who really needs it. Seriously! In your vast arsenal of "stuff" is there something you could do without? Is there something you have multiples of, that is simply taking up space in your house?

I did this a few weeks ago. I met a young man from England who was trying to "find himself" through various eastern religions. I was able to share with him the "truth" about Jesus, and he understood, as if a light went off in his mind and heart!

In a subsequent conversation with him, I asked him if he had a Bible, to which he replied, "No." So I gave him mine. I have more Bibles. The one I gave away was one of my favorites because it was small and fit nicely in my backpack that I carry pretty much everywhere I go. Plus it had various notes and thoughts in it. But I wanted him to have it.

This is not a story about me and my wonderful sacrifice. But rather, it is about those who have needs, and we who have so much abundance. We ought to give to those who really need it. It's not much of a sacrifice if we really think about it.

By the way, the lady in the picture had me over to her home for dinner while I was in India. She gave something away: a wonderful meal from what little she had, her only chair for me to sit in so I wouldn't have to sit on the ground, and her only spoon for me to eat with so I didn't have to use my hands. Now that's humbling.

So go ahead, give something away.

Question: What can you give away to enrich someone else's life?

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