Creativity Amid Distractions

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I'm sitting in my office and preparing to write this, my latest Blog post. I have just listened to the final mix of a song that my wife had recorded, and I am feeling a bit creative. Down the hall, I can hear the muffled sounds of the Camp Sonshine band rehearsing for this evening's service. The stage is set for great creativity to flow from my brain...

All of a sudden, I am distracted by the obnoxious "tiggy-dum, tiggy-dum, tiggy-dum..." of a folding machine in another office. The beautiful melodies and harmonies of the Camp band vocalists are swallowed in the grind of the folder. The cool guitar riffs that I was enjoying have become less than background noise. Even the tempo of the folding machine doesn't even come close to what the band was driving. Tiggy-dum, tiggy-dum, tiggy-dum...

Arrrrgh! But wait, I tell myself. Creativity isn't always about the perfect setting, the perfect idea, the perfect "canvas". Sometimes creativity is about adapting to the situation, changing the tempo, going with the flow.

Life is full of distractions. There are always going to be "things in the way". The perfect setting may never present itself to us. But we can still be creative. In fact, I believe that the best creators are the ones who can leverage the distractions into creativity.

So what did I do with the "tiggy-dum, tiggy-dum, tiggy-dum..." that was distracting me from writing my Blog? I used it as the subject of the post you just read.

Question: How do you handle distractions when trying to be creative? Please respond below...

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L C said…
Sounds like a good rhythm for a Christian rap!
Brad Lewis said…
Actually I started to feel some lyrics flowing out...
I normally don't have Tiggy-dum, tiggy-dum in the background as a distracting noise, but if I am faced with that situation, I usually plug my headphones into my laptop and listen to a music video via Youtube.

Strangely enough, it works.

-French Bean
Brad Lewis said…
Hey French Bean:
I have many friends who use that approach. Sometimes it works for me, but I may be too old school and need the solitude.

Thanks for your comment, and keep creating!


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