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The Truth About Worship Wars

Worship Wars. The very mention of that term causes Lead Pastors to sweat, and Worship Pastors to think about updating their resumes.
It may have only been coined as a term in the last few decades, but Worship Wars have been going on pretty much as long as people have been worshipping God.
Worship Wars. May I ask us to step back, and not define it as a conflict of musical styles (modern vs. traditional, old hymns vs. new praise songs, loud vs. soft,  pipe organ vs. Hammond B3, piano vs. band, etc.). Instead, may I suggest that instead of using the term Worship Wars, we use the term Pride Wars. (Please read on. Don't allow me to offend your pride at this point...)
Almost every conflict over musical style is based on personal preference. And almost every conflict over personal preference is based on... personal preference: WhatILike vs. WhatYouLike. And if we are honest, when I chose what I like over what you like, I am choosing me over you. And that translates into Pride. My way is bet…

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