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Reflections Of India, Before I Go Again...

Today I leave for India with my oldest son. Over the last 10 years I have had the opportunity of traveling to India to conduct mission trips 15 times. I am truly blessed!
This morning as I was running, I began to remember the experiences and feelings that have impacted my life. As I share some of these, please know my heart: God gets all of the glory. I am only a carrier of His Presence. I have had the privilege to:
Run for miles along the Indian Ocean in the south, and hiked for miles in the Himalayas in the north.Preach the Gospel to crowds of thousands, and sit on the dirt floor in houses of poor farmers to share the Gospel.Ride multiple times on the Indian Railway, including a 37 hour journey (the very first time I rode the train in India).Hold and pray for a special-needs boy as his family received medical care.Sit with a village official in his home and pray with him to commit his life to Christ.Stand under a banyan tree and share Christ with 12 women, and watched as seven commi…

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