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COVID Won't Stop Kingdom Work!

New Brothers in God's Kingdom!  The three individual pictures are new Believers from an unreached area where our team is doing pioneer work. It is slow and difficult, but these three are now 'with us'! The fourth picture shows Kelu with a long-time friend who a few days ago committed his life to Christ. The Lord is good! Believer's Baptism!  Three people were baptized last month... A risky yet powerful step for them ! Two Micro-Businesses Begun!  Because of your generosity, we were able to buy cows for two more Believer families so they can have their own self-supporting businesses, and therefore be able to devote themselves full-time to ministry. Want to be a part of what God is doing? Here are three ways you can partner with us: Pray  that God will continue to open doors of ministry and His Word. The lives of these wonderful people were already difficult before the revoking of Article 370 and the Covid pandemic. Continue to open doors Lord! Share  this information wit

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