Sleeping and Dreaming

I think there are some differences between sleepers and dreamers. Here are a few:

A sleeper closes his eyes; A dreamer sees beyond the visible.

A sleeper lies in one place; a dreamer soars.

A sleeper uses a pillow and a blanket; A dreamer uses his heart and his imagination.

A sleeper sounds like this: "zzzzzzzzz"; A dreamer sounds like this: "hmmmmmmmm".

A sleeper revitalizes his body; A dreamer invigorates his mind.

A sleeper sleeps in darkness; A dreamer dreams in color.

A sleeper wakes up ready to face the world; A dreamer wakes the passion within him.

Are you a sleeper? I encourage you to wake up and dream!


Anonymous said…
As much as I like dreaming, and I do, let us not discount sleeping.

Hamlet talks of it as something to be "devoutly wished." Sleep is in it's own right, blessed relief from even a good day, let alone a trying one. Granted it's only temporary, and Shakespere was probably talking more about death than just rest... but, you can go a lifetime without dreaming, but try to manage even a week without sleep.

I guess it could be argued, is a "life" without dreaming even worthy of the definition as God intended?
Brad Lewis said…
Good thoughts. I guess the "heart" of my comparison is not about literal sleeping, but more of a life without dreaming, just going through the motions. Your last question sums it all up. Thanks!

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