India '08: Epilogue

Well, it looks like I will not be extending my trip to India. There weren't any seats available for the next three days after the proposed extension of my trip to minister at another crusade. I am disappointed, but I know that it wasn't of the Lord.

Pastor Daniel has invited me to return in May to join him in preaching and praying for people at a big crusade in Kashmir (northern India). I would love to come! I am seeking the Lord now to provide funds so I will be able to travel here in May. Pray with me about this, that the Lord will provide.

Until my next post...


pag said…
Perhaps there is something that the Lord wishes you to do in the next three days. Keep your eyes and ears open. In any event, the events of your trip demonstrate how the Lord uses His servants in the spread of the Gospel message. It sounds like the Lord has used you up completely (. . and then some!). So for the next three days, rest, revive and praise His name!!
Brad Lewis said…
Thanks Phil.I am looking with open eyes. Perhaps coming home now will make my proposed return trip in May easier to attain. Thanks for the insight.


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